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Medical marijuana seeds

Medical marijuana is becoming more popular these days. Finally laws are adapted for the purpose of "medical marijuana use" worldwide. More and more people with chronic pains and ailments immerse themselves in the effective functioning of the CBD value of the "Cannabis sativa". There is an increasing number of studies on the effects of THC/CBD level on many different diseases and syndromes, with stunning results.

Medical weed can be used in many ways. The best known is the smoking or vaporizing of marijuana. You can press weed oil or make a tincture. There are also delicious recipes for preparing marijuana in your food. We have made a selection of the best marijuana strains for medical use. These strains were selected on the THC content and grow skills. The plants are easy to maintain and require basic skills.

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Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds are genetically engineered to become 100% female. They contain no male chromosomes. These seeds will all flower into female marijuana plants. This is a most effective and efficient way to grow your marijuana. No removing males from female plants, optimal use of your grow space and producing a massive weed yield. It is a good choice for people that require a quick and easy cultivation process. Feminized seed is a simple solution for those (especially medical users) faced with the difficulty of growing weed without any grow experience.

With regular seeds your sprouts will be either male or female, you'll have to germinate more seeds in order to produce your desired yield and make optimal use of your grow space. The advantage of feminized seeds is that gardeners decide how much plants they want to plant, pick that number of seeds and start their cultivation process. So start your quick & easy grow experience today!

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