As the cannabis market is growing, so are the investment opportunities.

Big companies see opportunities as the cannabis market is rapidly expanding. Now that marijuana shakes off its stoner image, acceptance is growing, and as a result the willingness of large companies to invest in the cannabis industry is increasing. 

Investers show interest in cannabis industry

The growth of recent times is set in motion by further expansion of legalisation for medical as well as recreational use, in several states in the U.S., as well as Canada. The growing cannabis industry creates opportunities for businesses to develop new technologies and bring new products to market. Probably it is only a matter of time before a multinational buys a cannabis company, as BBC reports.

Reportedly, Altria, the company that produces Marlboro cigarettes, is exploring the possibilities of investing in the cannabis industry. The tobacco industry stagnates as tobacco sales haven’t changed much recent years. This is why the cigarette giant closely looks at the booming cannabis industry and its many opportunities. The BBC recently published an article on this topic, read it here.

Reuters reported earlier that Altria showed interest in the Canadian company Cronos Group, which is a forerunner in the field of cannabis-related products. This caused stocks to rise significantly. Check this video in which CNN interviews Michael Gorenstein, the CEO of Cronos Group.

 CNN interview on Cannabis

Also according to CNN, Coca Cola’s CEO James Quincey stated that the company doesn’t have a special interest in cannabis and the CBD-market at the moment, but at the same time there were rumors that the company is in talks with Aurora, a Canadian cannabis company, about a potential investment.

Last year, Corona beer, invested $200m in the cannabis business to develop a cannabis-based drink without alcohol. Now, reportedly, the beer brand is set to inject a multiple amount into well known cannabis company Canopy Growth in Canada.

Like many companies Corona tries to capitalise on the further expansion of the legalization of cannabis and the increasing popularity of CBD. Uruguay and Canada are the only countries so far that have legalized cannabis nationwide.

In the U.S. a limited number of states have legalized marijuana for both recreational as well as medical use. These states include Washington, California and Nevada. In Europe countries as the Netherlands, Spain and Italy are on the list to probably legalize marijuana in the near future.