Autoflowering cannabis seeds. What is it and how does it work?

If you are going to grow your own cannabis, and scan the web for cannabis seeds, you often come across the term 'autoflowering'. But what does this mean and why would you, as a grower, choose an autoflowering strain?

What is autoflowering?

The idea behind autoflowering cannabis is simple. These cannabis plants will automatically flower, instead of waiting for a change in the light cycle. After a short vegetative period the plants will flower all on their own.

This process of autoflowering has been achieved by crossing Indica or Sativa plants with the Ruderalis species. Ruderalis, is a subspecies of the cannabis plant, which is known for its autoflowering properties and the fact that it remains quite short. Ruderalis comes from areas where summers are very short, and that is why it’s in the DNA of the plant to get into flower very quickly.

autoflowering cannabis

The result of combining Indica and Sativa with Ruderalis is a plant that does not depend on photoperiods but determines itself when it starts to flower. This in contrast with a non-autoflowering species that waits to flower when the light cycle changes. Usually autoflowering plants will automatically switch to the flowering period within 2 to 4 weeks of growth. And the average period between seed and harvest is 10 weeks.

To put it briefly: autoflowering strains flower quickly, have a strong top formation and produce a lot of THC. In fact, only positive qualities. Start your search for autoflowering seeds now!