CBD is a phenomenon. Whose popularity grows faster than its scientific support. 

From CBD-infused coffee to massage oil, lollipops, gummy bears, chocolate, bodylotion and even dog treats... CBD pops up in all kinds of products and in all sorts of places. 

But what about the effects and medical benefits of this antioxidant packed, super cannabinoid, that is taking the world’s healthcare by storm?

 "CBD doesn’t make you high

like marijuana, but it is creating a

worldwide buzz."

While the popularity of CBD is increasing rapidly, questions remain about the effects.

There is no prove yet from a traditional medical perspective, but there is plenty of proof from people who use CBD in some kind of form and benefit from it.

CBD supplements are not tested, approved or regulated but CBD fans who seek treatment for all kinds of conditions are not waiting for prove. 

Get to know more about this topic in this video report from NBC news.