Growing cannabis is no small feat, and to produce a healthy yield it is important that you educate yourself on all of the different nutrients your marijuana plants need to survive, if not thrive. One of the nutrients that is vital to a weed plants development is calcium as, without it, plant growth can begin to slow.

Calcium is an incredibly important compound that is used to help plants develop in a healthy way. It is needed all through a plant’s life, from germination to harvest. It is so necessary because calcium promotes cell vitality and strong plant structure. Also, calcium helps to ensure root wellness, as well as protein and vitamin production. Furthermore, calcium is required for photosynthesis, which is a plants way of converting light into food.

Essential Compound

If your plants don’t have enough calcium in their systems, this will negatively impact nutrient uptake in the roots, as well as affect flower growth and cause leaves to wilt which could pose a serious threat to your yield if you plan on making a profit from your grow. Calcium deficiency is also a sure-fire way to induce nutrient lockout.

If your plant is lacking in this essential compound, they will definitely let you know through a range of indicators. Here are some of the symptoms your plants may show if they need a little help:

-          May react badly to heat

-          Young calyces become crinkled and won’t fill out

-          Leaves may become discolored and big, brown spots will be seen and will turn yellow as the problem gets worse

-          Branches begin to snap easily, and stalks may become hollow and start to rot

-          New growth at the top of the plant may cease completely


If you’re an outdoor grower, the best way to stop calcium deficiency from happening is to modify your soil with acidic substances, such as lime, dolomite, or fish meal. Decent compost is also pretty necessary. The same is true for indoor growers, though hydroponics growers are the most likely to be affected. If a deficiency develops, your best bet is to mix a teaspoon of hydrated line with four litres of water and apply to your plants. It could also be helpful to use a commercial calcium booster. Also, always keep in mind to watch you’re the pH of your water closely – this is one of the most important things about growing cannabis.

Happy Growing!

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