If you’re an avid cannabis and social media user, you’ve probably seen a picture of a Dragon Ball. Although, many people, if they have seen one, aren’t entirely sure of what it actually is. Dragon Balls are a pretty recent innovation, and have come around, most likely, directly because of wider legalisation and acceptance. Here’s some explanation into what Dragon Balls really are, as well as what their invention could mean for the marijuana industry:

Dragon Balls are, of course, made up of weed concentrate. Although the kind of concentrate that makes them up is special, as it removes everything from the marijuana plant bar the cannabinoids – this concentrate is termed, ‘The Clear.’ It was made by X-tracted tabs, an extraction company based in Seattle. Exactly how they are made is still a secret, but what we do know is that they are balls of 99% pure THC and weigh approximately 3kg. We also know that after it is formed, it is mixed with various terpene combinations in order to mimic the effects of specific marijuana strains. For example, by mixing ‘The Clear’ with terpenes from Blueberry Haze, the results will be a sweet, berry taste and an energetic, giggly feeling upon consumption. 

Smoking these gorgeous creations can be done in two different ways: vaping and dabbing. These two methods are super modern, having only been innovated in the past few years, although they are becoming increasingly popular. Dabbing is a process by which the concentrate is heated up to very high temperatures. The fumes it produces are then inhaled using a dab rig. On the contrary, vaping involves warming up the air around the concentrate as opposed to the concentrate itself.

Dragon Balls have the potential to mean big things for the future of cannabis, seeing as they appear to be totally customisable. Consumers will, then, be able to tailor their product to suit their needs. And it isn’t just great for recreational users, medical professionals could benefit too, tailoring the product to suit their patients needs. The possibilities really are infinite.

Hopefully, with increasing legalisation, more innovative ideas like these Dragon Balls will start to come in to play, and more people will finally be able to reap all of the benefits cannabis has to offer.

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