Micro-dosing of many different substances is becoming increasingly popular, though cannabis micro-dosing has recently taken the community by storm. The cannabis industry is growing and is thought to be worth billions, and one of the trends brought about by the massive growth of the business is cannabis micro-dosing – a phenomenon whereby users consume small amounts of THC over a desired period of time.

In regard to cannabis micro-dosing, users tend to consume around 5 to 10 milligrams of THC in order to metabolise just how much THC is right for them, in order for them to experience all of the desirable effects of the drug. The concept is rooted in minimum effective dosing, which is an idea from the pharmaceutical industry consisting of people ingesting the lowest doses of a drug possible so that they can be treated without side effects.

Lots of people find THC to be too intense

often leaving novices feeling anxious, paranoid, and sometimes even nauseous. Micro-dosing, then, could be a way for these individuals to use the drug to treat their issues. Even in a non-medical way, people are seeking out small measurements of cannabis to help them get creative and relax.

Micro-dosing with marijuana is, in fact, incredibly easy and requires no expertise. You can micro-dose the drug simply by doing what you usually do, but less. For example, if your chosen consumption method is to smoke joints, then perhaps taking just one or two puffs instead would be all it takes. Similarly, if you consume cannabis via edibles, try to eat three times less your usual amount. Essentially, as long as your intake of cannabis is in small amounts, you’re micro-dosing.


The benefits of micro-dosing with cannabis are abundant

and users also benefit from saving money because they aren’t smoking as much. This method is also used to increase creativity, just like micro-dosing with LSD. There are also lots of medicinal benefits as micro-dosing with weed is said to help manage mood swings, anxiety, depression and stress. People often forget that cannabis is a natural, organic substance that has long been used to treat a wide-range of ailments.

The cannabis industry is only going to continue to grow because legalization is happening on a global scale. Hopefully, with time and research, more people will be educated on just how cannabis could help them and, perhaps, just how micro-dosing may benefit them even more.