Recent research that has been done on marijuana seems to suggest that cannabinoids can stimulate CB1 receptors in the brain to increase vision, during the day and night. In fact, it has been a fact for years that cannabis positively impacts eye function, though many people are unaware of this.

One of the first studies on weed and vision was done by the University of the West Indies. a researcher claimed that the fisherman there who used weed in some way had ‘an uncanny ability to see in the dark.’ Scientists in Morocco also discovered that both synthetic THC and organic THC seemed to improve night vision for the participants in their experiments.


CB1 Receptor

Recent research released by the journal eLife is a potential breakthrough in the area concerning vision and weed. The study found that marijuana stimulates the CB1 receptor in the brain and that this is the reason why usage results in improved vision. The researchers in the study applied cannabinoids to the eye tissue of African toads, which ended up stimulating the retinal ganglion cells, making them more sensitive to light by hindering NKCC1, a protein which regulates the electrical properties of nerve cells.

University highlighting

Studies have also taken place in Ontario, at the University of Waterloo, which found that babies that were exposed to marijuana while still in the womb seem to have better eyesight. The research demonstrated that exposure to cannabis in the womb positively impacted global motion perception. Furthermore, research at another USA university (UCLA) discovered that THC seems to protect the inner layers of the retina. The 2014 study concluded that people with THC residue in their system were 80% less likely to die from traumatic brain injury.

All of this research that I’ve mentioned has one thing in common; highlighting the importance of the endocannabinoid system in maintaining homeostasis. Hopefully, in time, more people will start to see just how vital it is to keep the endocannabinoid system healthy, and just how useful it may be to start incorporating the system into treatments for different illnesses.

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