Making cannabis edibles is becoming increasingly popular because it allows users to control how much THC goes into their weed-eats. However, this being said, plenty of mistakes are still made in the kitchen – and no wonder, cooking with marijuana definitely isn’t easy. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by people baking edibles, hopefully you can learn from them:

Probably the most common mistake people make is assuming they can use raw cannabis in their food. In actual fact, you need to activate the THC and CBD in your product first, and this is done by heating it up. This process is called decarboxylation and involves grinding up weed and putting it in the oven at roughly 115 degrees. Relating to this, people are also often careless when it comes to keeping an eye on their product while it’s in the oven – you need to mix your marijuana every 10 minutes. Something else rookies do wrong when cooking cannabis is grinding their weed far too much. If your weed is too fine your edibles definitely won’t taste as good.

Infusing Oil

It may surprise you to know that you really don’t need to use expensive, high-quality product if you’re making edibles, especially if you’re a beginner because chances are, you’ll mess it up anyway. You also don’t need to use very much product either, as a little goes a long way.  

Another little tip for all you budding edibles chefs out there, if you’re infusing oil or butter, is to mix in some water with your mix as this will allow you to infuse at a lower heat. You should also make sure to stir your concoction extremely well to make sure the THC is evenly distributed, otherwise some cookies (if that’s what you’re making) will be more potent than others. In relation to this, keep an eye on your portion sizes!

Furthermore, keep in mind that you can test the potency of your oil or butter before you cook it. You can do this by sampling it yourself and waiting to see what the effects are, you should be able to judge for yourself how much to put in after this.

So, there you have it, some of the most common mistakes made by people cooking edibles. It has to be said that everyone makes mistakes, not just beginners, so even if you’re an edibles connoisseur you should always keep the advice I have given you in mind – you never know when you may need it.

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