Cypress Hill’s B-Real reveals his 5 most favorite marijuana strains.

When almost 25 years ago Cypress Hill dropped their album Black Sunday it debuted at number one on the Billboard charts. Who quickly scans the tracks on that album, understands that the band members love a hit from the bong every now and then. Almost all tracks are somehow related more or less with the herb.

One of Cypress Hill’s MC's, B-real (aka Dr. Greenthumb) recently opened a cannabis shop of which you could have guessed the name… Dr. Greenthumb’s Dispensary. 

In an interview that Cannabis platform Leafly recently did with him, B-real reveals his top 5 marijuana strains. Check out the whole interview in this podcast. And in the meanwhile check out B-real’s all time favorite strain OG Kush in our online seed bank at

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The sick Illustration below is made by @farken.dope. 

illustration of B-Real