Does a cannabis plant grow without adding extra plant food?

A plant that is raised with only water and the nutrients that may already be in the ground, will clearly become less strong and healthy than a plant that does receive extra plant nutrition. By adding extra nutrients you give the plant the chance to become stronger and healthier.

Without extra nutrition, your plant develops less quickly, will stay smaller and less strong. Leaves can turn yellow easily. The plant wastes a lot of energy on all sorts of things, instead of transporting it to what it is all about: a good harvest.

What kind of nutrients does a cannabis plant need?

A plant needs different nutrients in every stage of growth to become big, healthy and strong. This is also the case with cannabis plants. In addition, for many cannabis growers, the focus is on the end result: a large harvest that is also high in quality. And for this applies: the stronger and healthier the plant gets through its growth phases, the better the end result will be. In short terms: If you are going to grow cannabis, adding fertilizer is a very important part of the whole process.

What kinds of nutrients for cannabis plants are there?

There are different types of plant nutrition. For example, you have root stimulator, which accelerates the growth of the roots and creates a firmer and better root system. This benefits the cannabis plant because it can absorb more nutrients.

There are also different types of plant nutrition for the growth phase and the flowering period of the cannabis plant. In both periods of growth, other nutrients are needed.

Big marijuana plants

Nutrition for the growth period of the cannabis plant

In the growing period, a cannabis plant needs potassium and (fresh) air. If there is not enough of it your plant will gradually develop more and more yellow leaves. The growth of the cannabis plant is a very important period that ultimately also determines whether you have more or less yield.

Nutrition for the flowering period of your cannabis plant

During the flowering period, a cannabis plant mainly needs nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. A mix of these nutrients gives the plant a boost to produce a big yield. There are Bloom boosters for sale that have been developed specifically for this phase. Such fertilizers contain all nutrients that the plant needs to produce better buds.

Buy fertilizer for your weed plant.

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