Edibles, as a consumption method, are becoming increasingly popular. And with all of the risks associated with smoke inhalation, it isn’t very hard to see why. Eating cannabis has been around for a whole, and it’s a great way to get high without smelling like an Amsterdam coffeeshop. Here’s a little guide on how to have the best edibles experience possible:

First things first, there are a couple of things you need to know about consuming edibles. Marijuana-infused food takes much longer to get you high than smoking does, and the effects last much, much longer. It is also true that edibles give off a more powerful psychoactive effect. Because of the fact they take so long to kick in, people commonly eat extra as they assume they haven’t had enough – this is a huge mistake.

Mental State

Where you intend to spend your high is a very important part of the whole experience, and a chilled setting is vital to a good time. When eating edibles, keep in mind that your environment should be a safe one, one which doesn’t make you feel anxious, paranoid, or depressed in any way. This is a sure-fire way to have a panic attack or some other negative experience. You should also try to assess your mental state before taking the drug, or any drug for that matter, because weed can often heighten whatever emotions you may be feeling. For example, if you are nervous about something and constantly worrying about it, eating edibles will probably induce anxiety and paranoia.


Another tip for eating edibles, though it may seem obvious, is to pace yourself. You can always, always take more if you need to, but once you’ve eaten it you can’t take less. If you’ve never eaten marijuana-infused food before, I advise that you begin with very small doses. This is because although you may be an experienced smoker, the high is very different. Some have even claimed it is similar to that of psychedelics. Do as much or as little as you want but be careful – an edibles high can sneak up on you.

I hope that all you readers out there head this advice because, as much as cannabis is lovely and the harm it poses is often way over-exaggerated, it is still a drug. So next time the opportunity arises for you to eat some edibles, proceed with caution. Eating weed-infused feed can be an incredible experience, so with that said, just have fun with it.

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