What are the best nutrients for growing marijuana? See our feeding schedules!

When you grow own marijuana plants, you want them to be as healthy and strong as they can get. And likely the most important part of all: you want a big yield.

Depending on the strain and stage of growth you can feed your plant varying amounts of nutrient concentrations. But be aware, you have to stick to a feeding schedule. Feeding too many or too few nutrients can do harm.

This is where our feeding schedules come in handy. Here you can see clearly, from week to week, what your plant needs. And how much of which nutrient product should be applied.

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Feeding schedules for marijuana plants

Check the marijuana grow schedules below. They are, of course, guidelines. With the mentioned dosage and products, your cannabis plants will grow better for sure. But all circumstances are of course different, so keep that in mind.


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