Growing cannabis is becoming increasingly popular and, because of this, some individuals are starting to get creative with their methods. Using honey in the cultivation process is, apparently, the new hit thing, and could be just the organic addition you need to perfect your own grow.


Honey has actually proven to have a huge part to play in sweetening up marijuana grows and can really improve the quality of a final yield. for one thing, it can be used as a rooting stimulant for cuttings and can also act as a fertiliser. If you’re thinking of using honey in your harvest though, make sure its 100% pure honey – your crops don’t need any of the additives that might be in other stuff.


Cloning is characterized by taking a good quality plant and using its cuttings to make a genetically identical copy. Cloning is really useful for those who know what they like and want more of it, because it means they can pretty much have an infinite supply. For a cutting to turn into a new plant, it needs to be activated by a rooting hormone. Plants actually create their own rooting hormone, although if you want to speed up the process – and don’t want to use chemicals – honey could be the perfect thing for you.



Honey has powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties which will help stop the root from becoming infected. Some growers even think that honey possesses special enzymes within it that directly encourage root growth. Another benefit of honey is that is lasts for an incredibly long time and so on large jar would have you sorted for years. To use honey as a root stimulant, cover the ‘wound’ of your cutting in a dense coating of honey and place it in your chosen growth container. Using this method, you can expect your roots to start growing within 1 to 2 weeks.


As I’ve already mentioned, honey can also be used as a natural fertiliser. Honey can provide soil nutrients as it feeds the good bacteria and fungi living there. To use this method, place 5-15ml of honey into the water you use to water your plants - be cautious with this though, as too much honey can harm your plants.

There you have it, honey can be used in a whole range of ways to benefit cannabis plants, and using it isn’t really even that hard to do. So why not try it out?