No matter what your reasons for needing to dry your cannabis fast are, there are plenty of ways to do it. Although, most well-known methods aren’t worth the effort at all because they are likely to harm your flower and result in a crappy smoke. Drying cannabis to perfection takes time, and really, really shouldn’t be a rushed process. However, if you really need to dry your marijuana quickly then here’s a starting guide.

A couple of tried and tested ways to dry off your bud involve brown bags and computers. For the former, all you need is some paper bags, which you can get out of a grocery store, and your bud. This method simply involves placing some of your product in a brown, paper bag and leaving it for up to a week. However, I understand that not everyone has a week and that the title of this article is how to dry cannabis fast, and this is where the computer method comes into play.


For the computer method

a modern laptop works best because they have fans which produce warm air. All you have to do is place your nuts on a paper towel and put this directly next to the fan, turning the buds every 10 minutes until they are your desired dryness - don’t expect your final product to taste as good as it would’ve had you dried it properly, though.                      

Another thing you can do to try to dry your cannabis flower fast is to use your boiler room as a drying area. Most people’s houses have a water boiler which is kept in some kind of cupboard or small room, and these areas are perfect for drying bud. This method is most effective if you actually put your boiler on, although this is a surefire way to increase your water bill. One good thing about this drying technique, however, is that it doesn’t lower the quality of your bud as much as the others.

Drying your weed in a hurry

Is never really going to end well, and so I can’t promise you won’t be at least a little disappointed by the results. However, these methods are the best of a bad bunch and I highly recommend them if you’re desperate, rather than using an oven, microwave or toaster. While you’re at it, try not to set your house on fire – and, as always, happy smoking!