It would be false to say that you can completely eradicate THC from your bloodstream when you feel you’ve had enough, however there are some tricks you can learn to give yourself a little relief if you think you’re a bit too high. We’ve all been there, but don’t worry – that feeling of being too stoned is only temporary, and nobody has ever died from too much THC. Here’s some advice on how to lessen the effects of too much THC:

People who are experiences in the realm of ganja smoking may believe that they have totally control over their own tolerance, although some strains could catch anybody off guard. Ingesting too much cannabis and feeling a little woozy usually happens in social situations as opposed to smoking alone, this is because you may not always be in control of how much weed is in the joint(s), or what strain it is you’re even smoking. Hotboxing in social situations is a sure-fire way to be totally unaware of how much THC you’ve really consumed. Also, using concentrates or ‘dabs,’ may send some users the wrong way because they can contain THC percentages of over 70%. Always, always exert caution when you’re experimenting with new strains and consumption methods.


Focussing on your breath

As I’m sure you probably know, there are lots of other compounds in cannabis aside from THC. One compound, CBD, is said to actually counteract THCs effects and therefore, if you’ smoke a little too much, try balancing it out with some CBD to see if that does the trick. CBD won’t rid you of your high completely, but it will calm your anxiety and slow your heart rate down.

Exercising is another way to feel a bit better after too much THC. Running and other kinds of physical activity can relieve stress that’s associated with taking in too much THC too quickly. It’s also a fantastic distraction from the high and a good way to get some fresh air into your body. If running isn’t for you, try some yoga or Pilates – focussing on your breath during these practices makes for another fantastic distraction. If you really hate exercise, try watching some TV or listening to your favourite album, or, if all else fails, simply try and go to sleep.

If you are ever amongst friends and notice someone feeling the effects of THC, tell them what we’ve told you. Help them and offer some guidance, especially if they are new to the cannabis world. Always stay safe when smoking marijuana and try to correctly gauge your limits with you can. As always, happy smoking!

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