Everybody who smokes wants a good experience – why wouldn’t they? However, one thing that can really irk a stoner is a joint burning too quickly. There are many factors that can influence the burning speed of a joint – so here’s some tips that will hopefully help you keep your weed burning slow.

One of the simplest factors that can influence how fast a joint will burn is the quality of the weed itself. How moist your cannabis is can determine its burning rate. You don’t want bud that’s too moist, of course, but if you’re bud is too dry then it will burn incredibly fast. Another thing that can affect burning is the quality of the papers used in the rolling process. The best papers to use are thin ones, because more air is able to pass through them and so they burn very slowly. Also, papers can be made out of a variety of different materials – so pick the ones that’ll burn the best.

Loosely packed joints can also ensure a quick burn – something you definitely don’t want. Most novices, when the first start to roll their own joints, find it difficult to roll their joints tight enough, but with enough practice they’ll eventually get there. Furthermore, if a joint is too loose, this may result in some of the bud falling out and being wasted – so pack it tight, but not too tight.


Grinding your marijuana properly is an important factor here too. Bud needs to be ground up evenly for a decent joint, because if the flower is uneven then the joints burning rate will be too. The best way to make sure your marijuana will end up even is to purchase a good quality grinder, believe me, it really is worth the extra cash.

There are additional things you can do to your joint to help slow down the burning process. Some users prefer to add cannabis wax to theirs, which not only slows down burning but provides a little extra cannabinoid boost too. To do this effectively, spread the wax thinly over the inside of the joint before adding your bud.

None of this is to say that fast burning joints are necessarily a bad thing, but some people like a slow, chilled-out, no pressure smoke. If your joint burns too quickly then you may be at risk of wasting it in between inhales, and so it’s important to customise your burn rate using all of these tricks – and any others that you may find in your research.