How to germinate your marijuana seeds

So you have chosen your seeds and know what kind of plant you are going to grow? Then it is now time to bring those seeds to life. Let the fun begin!

Germination is a natural process and it actually only needs the right environment to take place. At the beginning there are three main principles. It is very important to ensure that there is sufficient light, heat and moisture.

To get the best germination rates, keep your seeds warm, but not too hot! Just think springtime, or a little above room temperature. Make sure the temperature stays approximately the same.

The germination process begins when a seed receives enough moisture. At that point, it will increase in size, breaks open and there you have it: your baby plant.

Just like any other plants, cannabis seeds can sprout in a variety of ways. Some will insist you soak the seeds in warm water to let them germinate. Others will suggest you plant the seeds directly into a small pot of moist soil. Whichever route you take, there's really no wrong way. As long as you treat your baby plants gently.

Like everyone else, we also have our preferences when it comes to germinating marijuana seeds. In our view, the best way to let the seeds germinate is to use a cup filled with a little amount of water. Another way is to put the seeds between wet paper towels or cotton pads. Let’s discuss both ways- just read them through and decide for yourself which method you use.

Germinating Marijuana seeds using cotton pads or paper towels

Here is a step by step guide.

First step: ensure a good setup

To create a good setup, all you need are two plates and a couple of wet (not soaked!) paper tissues. Instead of paper tissues you can also use cotton pads, the method remains the same.

Place the seeds on top of the moist towel and make sure the seeds have enough space between them. Then place another moist paper towel on top of the seeds.

Lastly, cover everything with another inverted plate to form a clam-shell shape and put it somewhere at room temperature. By this you will create a moist environment, necessary for germination.

You’re on a roll! Now that you have everything ready-set-go, you can proceed to the next step… the real germinating.

Second step in germinating marijuana seeds

Check the seeds every day to ensure that the towels (or tissues or pads) don’t dry out. Just lift the top plate to check if the towels are still moist. If not, spray them with a little water. Do not soak with water like in the shower, but just moisten lightly.

Within 72 hours most cannabis seeds should open. Less commonly, some seeds take up to 10 days to put out a root. When the shell has cracked and the first few millimeters of root has popped out, each one should then be transferred to soil (or another growing medium like rockwool).

But first we have to congratulate you. Seems you have a true talent in growing!

Now your newly sprouted seeds are ready for a starter pot. So go on and continue with the next step.

Third step in germinating marijuana seeds: the potting

Let’s get your sprouted seed in real ground. You can also use coco-mat, rockwool, or another growing medium available at your local garden center.

Make a hole in the soil and place the cannabis into the hole. Plant the seed with the pointy end of the seed up. The root tip will grow down and push the seedling up. A freshly sprouted cannabis seed is super vulnerable, so make sure you treat it very carefully.

Be sure the seeds are about 2,5 mm below the surface and then cover it with a small amount of growing medium (just enough to block the light).

After planting a marijuana seed it usually takes a few days to emerge from the ground. Put it in a place with sufficient light and then just wait until the magic happens. Ta-da, and there you have it… your own alive and kicking little cannabis plant.

After emerging, be sure your plant has access to full, bright light and keep the soil moist at all times. If your plant has grown a few centimeters large, it can start hanging down. If that is the case, just plant it a bit deeper in the ground (up to the neck) so that your plant is firmly in the ground again.

Germinating Marijuana seeds using a (drinking) cup

Here is another way to let your seeds germinate. For this method, fill a cup with slightly warm water.

Important: use distilled (purified) or bottled water

For the best germination results use distilled (purified) or bottled water that offers consistent content. It is free of chemicals and salt that could harm germination and is often recommended by agricultural experts.

Once you've filled your cup with water, add your seeds to it, and simply put it in the living room so that it shifts to the temperature of the environment.

Once you see the radicle, it is time to plant the seeds in a suitable growing media.

And even though we’ve already mentioned it… treat your little ones very carefully. Treat them gently when checking the seeds and when you have to move them. The taproot is very fragile so avoid touching it as it easily snaps of.

Each grower has its own preference when it comes to germination and growing. The key point is to understand the needs of the plant. That, and a little bit of patience...