Marijuana inspired gift ideas for Christmas

The holiday season is coming and before you know it trees, Christmas sweaters, fake snow, twinkling lights and cheer are all over us. But the most wonderful time of the year also comes with a bit of a downside... because here we go again...which presents should you buy this year for your friends and loved ones? 

We all know searching for the perfect gift can take hours and hours of your time - if not days! - every year again. And that can really be a bummer just before the start of the so-called season to be jolly, doesn’t it? Well, we’ve got news for you. Shake off the stress that comes with the search right this moment, and stop your time-wasting hunt for the perfect present. Because we have got it all covered.

That is, assuming the people you give a gift to, love cannabis as much as you do. And if not, they will from now on! We have a number of marijuana strains for you that will certainly spark the fun during Christmas time... 'ho ho ho, cough, chough chough'. But also for the non-smokers we've found some truly desirable cannabis-related gifts.  

So here is a list of presents everyone would love to get. Nice to give away, but also perfect for keeping to yourself ;-). Have a cannabis Christmas!

A classic cannabis sativa strain, perfect as a Christmas present

Silver Haze is the perfect gift for people who appreciate real classics. The strain was immense popular in the eighties and is nowadays on the rise again. Silver Haze is not very extreme and hard-hitting, but provides a balanced bright and euphoric high, also described as a delightful floating feeling. It boosts a relaxed, long-lasting body high which gives you the energy to enjoy your evening to the fullest.

Silver Haze - buy online at Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank

Silver Haze is a cannabis strain with character, exactly what a classy Christmas party needs; its characteristics contribute to the warm and cozy gathering. Silver Haze is a gift that fits perfectly with the Christmas spirit. 


Impress your loved one with a THC molecule necklace

If you really want to amaze a special someone, you go for a stylish and appropriate jewel. This 'cannabis chic' necklace displays the molecular formula of THC: tetrahydrocannabinol. How cool is that?

THC molecule necklace

A true piece of art. And it is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. There are different versions in gold and silver available in different sizes. You can purchase them on but we found the most beautiful and refined one, made of sterling silver, on

Christmas lights will twinkle even more with Northern Lights

Have you ever thought of it like this… if you give cannabis seeds as a gift, you don't just hand over the seeds, but you actually give someone a whole experience. After all, the lucky recipient can still enjoy your gift for a very long time - from germination and sowing, all the way up to the harvest. And certainly also in the period that follows! Growing your own marijuana plant is an unforgettable experience that comes with a lot of interesting and fun moments. And all of this is being initiated by none other than... you.

All you have to do now is to sort out the right kind of cannabis seeds...

Northern Lights

With Northern Lights you truly can’t go wrong. It is one of the most famous and well known strains available. A few puffs will take you on a mind-blowing trip and gives a relaxed body buzz. The perfect gift for a marijuana enthusiast who wants to grow a plant from start to finish. So wait no longer and buy the best Northern Lights seeds available. 


Nicely designed, airtight zippers to stash your goods

Looking for an appropriate and stylish gift for someone who is always on the go? Then this might be it.

Nicely designed stach bag

You can easily take this specially designed zipper case with you wherever you go. And it fits easily in your bag or suitcase. The best feature: it is airtight, so it ensures that the otherwise delicious smell of flowers doesn’t spread through the air everywhere. Check 'm out on


Ugly Christmas sweater

Great cannabis gift

In the category ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ we have found the ultimate knit for you. An awesome Christmas gift for a stoner friend who loves the green stuff, and a joke too, right? Get it here at AMSB. But you can also keep it to yourself, so it will be you who catches all the compliments about your stylish clothing choice ;-). We won't tell!

Cannabis Christmas sweaterHave a canna X-mas everybody!