These Marijuana strains are definitely worth trying.

Many people ask us which strains they should try and what kind of plants they should grow.

That is always a bit of a tricky question because it depends on the person, the situation, and the area where someone is living.

But as always, we’ve done our very best to inspire you and bring you to new ideas.

In this shortlist you will get to know 3 marijuana strains you must have tried at least once in your life.

These are the strains that our regular customers keep coming back for.

We don’t know if those return visits are due to the high quality of our seeds, sharp pricing, or the supreme level in customer service (hey, we just like to treat everyone as our close friend!) but apparently we are doing something very good ;-).

Check them out and pick the strain of your choice.

M.O.A.B Mother Of All Buds feminized

This exceptional strain has no equal. Created especially for all the growers who are looking to smoke a strain that offers everything you have been looking for all your life. When it comes to taste and flavor, M.O.A.B is phenomenal and one of a kind.


The feeling you get from smoking her can only be described as complete utter happiness, combined with a blissfully stoned sensation.

Go on, buy your seeds today and start growing your own beautiful M.O.A.B.

Super Nova

Super Nova is named after a star because its crystals shine brighter than any other plant. This Indica dominant hybrid will blast you away with its smooth taste, powerful aroma and high THC level.

The combination of these characteristics give Super Nova a strong body buzz when smoking. And therefore, this star among Indica hybrids, is an excellent choice for painkilling and other medical purposes.


The effects come on pretty much right away with a nice uplifting buzz. But be aware… when this powerful Super Nova explodes, make sure you are comfortably seated.

Breeding Super Nova seeds to an adult plant is not too easy, let’s say moderate. But with our grow guide anyone can do the job.


Blueberry 420 Kush

No other strain gets as close to the taste of blueberries as Blueberry 420 kush. The high is just as great: relaxed like a true Indica but euphoric at the same time.

When it comes to the eye, Blueberry 420 marijuana is a stunner, a strong-looking plant with bushy leaves. It’s an elegant sight: blue and violet shiny crispy buds. Aand with plenty of resin.


Blueberry 420 kush is a nice colorful plant and easy to grow, as long as you have the right conditions and good nutrients to breed.

She’s worth growing, if only for her looks!

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