Planning to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds? Prep yourself with these tips and tricks.

If you are planning to grow autoflowering seeds, you will have to make a few preparations. Auto’s are the ideal seeds for growers who seek a less strict light schedule. But the plants grow fast and they automatically go into flower - whether you want it or not. So you better be ready for it.

In this article we tell you everything you need to know, so you will certainly be able to grow an amazing cannabis plant from autoflowering seed.

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What is the best light schedule for autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis can survive with only a few hours of sunlight a day. But if you want powerful and healthy plants that grow optimally and produce a good harvest, then you have to give them as much as light as possible.

Autoflowering seeds need light just as any other plant, but its grow cycle is not dependent on light. In fact, it is embedded in the DNA of the plant. Autoflowering plants are always ready for harvest within ten weeks.

Indoor growers can choose to expose the plans to 24 hours of light per day, or to give them 18 hours of light and six hours of darkness.

For example you can use 120-watt LED lights in the first two weeks for 21 hours a day. When you have potted the older plants, you can change to larger lights and 18 hours of light (and 6 hours of darkness).

Outdoor growers can usually start their seeds in the spring. However, we do recommend that you germinate your seeds indoors. Then plant your plants outside, if they are strong enough, and the soil is warm enough for it.

The lifecycle of an autoflowering cannabis plant

The main difference between an autoflowering seed and a regular seed is that with auto the clock starts running from the moment the seed germinates.

Autoflowering species have a life cycle of eight to twelve weeks. They do not need a change in the 12/12 light cycle to switch to the flowering period.

As the name suggests, with an autoflowering strain everything goes automatically. Well, almost everything. Regardless of the number of hours of light/darkness, an autoflower completes its life cycle. But of course there are a number of things you have to do to make the seed grow into a strong and healthy plant.

Feeding your autoflowering plants

Autoflowering plants have a short vegetative period and remain relatively small. This is why they don't need so much plant nutrition. Make sure you choose a high quality plant food for the vegetative phase. Wait until the flowering period has started before you give fertilizers that have been specially developed for the flowering period.

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Autoflowering seeds and climate

Many people start growing their autoflowering plants outdoors early in the season (somewhere in March). After all, you do not have to stick to the light schedule of the photoperiod. But if you start early in the season, it is important to realize that the plant still needs enough warmth. Therefore do not start too early, and wait until the soil in which you grow is warm enough. Another option is to grow in a greenhouse.

When to harvest autoflowering seeds?

As soon as the first pistils appear, you can assume that your plant will complete the flowering period within about 45 days. After this, your patience and hard work will be rewarded: at last you can start harvesting.

When the flowering period has started, nutrients for vegetative growth, can be replaced for nutrients that are especially suitable for the flowering period. You do not have to change anything on the number of light hours. You can keep the same light schedule until the harvest.

Keep in mind that not all auto’s remain small and bushy. Most do, but some species grow easily up to your ceiling. Always read the descriptions first before you order your autoflowering seeds so you know what to expect!

There is a big variety of autoflowering seeds to choose from. Which one you choose can depend on the type of growing conditions, the ratio of THC and CBD you like, and the taste and smell you are looking for.

Feel welcome to browse our wide collection of high quality weed seeds and we wish you lots of fun with growing your own cannabis plant.