Growing cannabis is a tricky process at the best of times, but a rodent infestation can open up a whole new barrel of problems. Rats and mice are a very serious problem when it comes to gardens, both indoor and outdoor. But worry not, here’s a little guide to keeping them at bay:

Rodents are probably the worst kind of infestation a marijuana garden can have, primarily because they breed so fast and are hard to get rid of once they get in. furthermore, rats and mice both have incredibly large, sharp teeth and love to gnaw on things like wires and cables. This is, of course, incredibly bad for growers because rodents have the potential to cut off your lighting or fanning elements when you aren’t there to keep watch.


The best way to stop rodents destroying your garden is by taking preventative measures, rather that curative ones. Essentially, don’t let the little annoyances in in the first place. Begin by searching the walls surrounding your grow or the exterior of any buildings near it for cracks, holes and air vents. If you do find any of these things, try to seal them up or block them so that rats and mice and can’t get in. Also, its important to keep in mind that rubbish attracts rodents, so try to keep your grow clean. If your grow is rather big, I’d advise that you try to minimise undergrowth as much as you can, because rodents love to nest there.

However, I understand that if you’re here then its probably too late to take preventative measures, and that the pests are likely already in and amongst your cannabis plants. If you find yourself in this situation, I recommend deadly force. Utilising traps and poisons to the best of your ability is really what has to be done here if you want to keep your crops alive. I sympathise with all of the animal lovers out there, though its either them or the plants you’ve worked so hard on.

Wherever you decide to grow your marijuana, remember to scope out the location first and take all and any preventative measures you can to ensure no pests can get to your beloved plants. If you really don’t want to trap or poison the rats, you could also adopt a couple of cats and let them roam free. Happy Growing!

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