For people who don’t smoke, drug tests are usually nothing to worry about. However, if you spend a lot of time around people who do, you need to make sure you know how second-hand cannabis smoke will affect your chances in a test, should you find yourself in a situation where you need to take one. There are lots of myths that surround marijuana consumption and because of this, second-hand weed smoke has long been associated with risky outcomes. This article will give you the run down on whether you can get stoned indirectly, and if this is enough to negatively impact the results of a drug test:

Inhaling smoke is always harmful, though less so if you are inhaling it indirectly. In order for you to test positive for THC, you’d need to be sitting in amongst smoke for at least a few hours. Also, it is highly unlikely that you will ever become stoned as a result of passive smoking and, if you do feel stoned, its probably your brain playing tricks on you.

OraSure Technologies released a paper in 2004 that stated, ‘the risk of positive oral fluid tests from passive cannabis smoke inhalation is limited to a period of approximately 30 minutes following exposure.’ Essentially, as long as you haven’t been around weed smoke for a half hour before your test, you’re good to go. Another study, undertaken in 2010 at Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany, examined the blood and urine of participants exposed to smoke in a busy Amsterdam coffeeshop for three hours. The results found that they had indeed absorbed some THC, but not enough to get them high, and, after six hours, not enough to fail a drug test.

So, there you have it, passive smoking will not get you high, and it definitely won’t hinder the passing of a drug test, ensuring you stay away from cannabis a few hours before your test is due to take place. There are a crazy number of myths going around about marijuana, and so it is important to educate yourself so that you know what to believe and what not to. There isn’t too much research on passive smoking when it comes to cannabis, but what has been found so far should be enough to reassure even the most anxious of you out there. I hope you all pass your drug test!




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