Stoned versus high. Here is what you need to know.

The are loads of terms that have to do with cannabis and marijuana use. To name just a few: bong, hybrid, kief, OG, landrace, blunt, M.O.A.B, ganja. Probably you’ll know most of these, even if you’re not a great marijuana lover yourself. But a lot of terms get mixed up. Often stoned and high are use for the same thing - to describe the same feeling. Yet there is a difference, so let’s take them apart.

Stoned: your body feels heavy

Being stoned refers to the more physical experience. It refers to the effect on the sensory perceptions (taste, sense of touch, hearing, smell and sight). It has to do with an intoxicating and relaxing effect and the heavy feeling in arms and legs (like a stone).

When you get stoned, you just want to sit on the couch and stay there. If it hits you hard you’ll even get couch locked and get the feeling that you actually become part of the couch, impossible to move or do anything. Usually followed by eating a whole bag of Doritos and playing Grand Theft Auto or watching Scooby Doo.


Being stoned is basically all about chillaxing, watching a movie, preferably in good company of friends and laugh about stupid things.

Life just can’t get any better ;-).

High: the effect on your mind

As stoned is more about the effects on the body, being high refers to the psychological effects of cannabis. Being high is about the more cheerful and laughing feeling. And the feeling of having more imagination and creativity, or experiencing a greater clarity of mind and deeper insights.


Before you get really high, you become really giddy and will laugh at the slightest things. Your appetite will increase and you’ll find that every bite of food tastes awesome. Being high fits more with an active, party mood. Stress and worry will be reduced by a large amount. 

What happens quite often is that you find yourself thinking about something deeply and directly after completely forget what you were thinking about. Then try hard to remember what you were thinking about, to forget that you were trying to remember something you forgot and just start to think about something completely different. Still follow?

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