The use of medical cannabis is becoming increasingly accepted and recognized. The amount of countries that are drafting better laws and rules concerning medical marijuana is increasing. But what are the basics of medical cannabis and which conditions can it help with?

What is medical cannabis and how can it be used?

 Medical cannabis is a type of marijuana that is used to help people cope with medical conditions. The cannabis buds or extracts of which they are made from, contain a range of compounds called cannabinoids.

They have a variety of physical and psychoactive properties which can help you reduce pain, lift your mood and reduce the symptoms of discomfort in a number of conditions.

There are many forms in which medical cannabis can be taken. You can opt to eat it a form of capsules, tablets and liquid drops. Furthermore, it can also be used for skin patches, oral or skin sprays or cannabis edibles. Many medical users find that vaporizers are also a modern, smoke-free and easy way to enjoy cannabis.

The use of medical cannabis

The general pain-relieving property of cannabis is probably the main benefit that most medical cannabis users will report. The use of cannabis helps patients undergoing medical treatments with many of the symptoms that they have to deal with on a daily basis.

By using medical cannabis, users benefit of physical pain relief, but it also provides patients with a great way of preventing and controlling nausea. Furthermore, the use of cannabis also functions as an appetite stimulate and a good way to help patients fall asleep. Besides these benefits, by using cannabis patients also get a mood boost. The use of cannabis works as a great mental tonic will help people deal with the difficult time that they are going through.

Medical cannabis has been used for HIV/AIDS patients to help them with appetite enhancement, pain relief and also as a sleeping aid.  In the case of patients with Parkinson’s disease it is used to relief them with pain, tremor reduction (less shaking), sleep and resting.

In the past few years, medical cannabis has been used for diseases. Probably the most controversial modern uses of cannabis have been in cases of Dravet’s Syndrome and childhood epilepsy.  Often doctors prescribe the use of cannabis in a form of cannabis oil, administered orally.

Cannabis is more than THC and CBD. Therefore, it is expected that medical science will be able to unlock the carious properties of these cannabinoids such as CBG, THCV, CBDV and many others. It might be quite possible that some of these new cannabinoids will have important new medical properties and will be used to deal with many of the symptoms experienced by patients.

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