This medical marijuana ad got rejected for Super Bowl.

Countries worldwide and US states are increasingly legalizing cannabis. But it still isn’t mainstream enough to make it to the Super Bowl, which attracts more than 100 million viewers annually. CBS rejected a proposed TV-commercial about the benefits of medical marijuana use.

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Showing a cannabis ad during the Super Bowl would have been historic.

The ad is made by an US-based cannabis firm, named Acreage Holdings. It features patients who benefit from cannabis for medical purposes. The commercial focuses on how medical marijuana has helped all kinds of people cope with pain. The ad doesn’t promote any products but it calls for the legalization of marijuana for medical use.

That the commercial has been rejected, does not come as a surprise, as marijuana is still seen as drugs. Many companies make controversial advertisements that they know will not be broadcasted in order to grab attention. Acreage too, knew its commercial would not make it to the Super Bowl ads. But they did manage to create a lot of  buzz around the ad becoming a viral video with a lot of exposure.

In the US marijuana is now legal for medical use in 33 states. Hemp just became legal under the new Farm Bill, too. About six-in-ten Americans say the use of marijuana should be legalized.

Watch the rejected TV ad yourself and let us know how you think about it.