Which weed strain should you choose?

There are so many seed strains to choose from, so which one are you going for? Is your preference an Indica, Sativa or a Hybrid? Are you going to grow outside or indoors? Is it about one single plant, or a larger amount?

If you are talking about cannabis, and in particular about growing cannabis, a large number of questions arise.

Let’s find the answers and narrow down which cannabis strain will work best for you. So read on!  

The Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa variety

If you are on the hunt for a marijuana seed strain, the large amount of seeds that are offered can be quite overwhelming.

But looking at all these different strains basically leads you down two paths: the cannabis Sativa variety and the cannabis Indica variety.

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What is Cannabis Sativa?

The cannabis Sativa grows to be a tall plant with narrow, light green leaves. This variety can grow to be as tall as 20 feet (6 meters) in just one season if grown outside. And it also grows much faster than other varieties.

Sativa originally comes from areas such as Southeast Asia, Mexico, Colombia and Thailand.

Flavors of Cannabis Sativa range from sweet to fruity to earthy, depending on each crop and it will give you a cerebral and energetic stone.

What is Cannabis Indica?

The Cannabis Indica variety stays much shorter and denser than the Sativa variety of cannabis plants.

Indica came to us from area’s like Morocco, Tibet and Afghanistan.

The buds of an Indica plant will be quite dense and thicker than its counterpart and the aroma and flavor can be sweet with a hint of fruit or more sour-like. These buds do not mind cooler weather conditions.

The Cannabis Indica variety makes you feel relaxed and works well in social situations. It helps you to easily make contact with other people.

About Hybrid marijuana strains

When you combine two different varieties of cannabis and have two parent plants that are pure and unrelated, you will wind up with a hybrid marijuana plant and hybrid marijuana seeds.

Mostly, people will combine a strain, like sativa, that has a smooth taste with another strain, like Indica, that gives a higher yield. The seeds will then reproduce multiple generations with the same characteristics.

Growing marijuana plants indoor

When you grow indoors, you keep all elements in your own hands. As a grower you can control light, wind, humidity and use the soil or grow medium of your choice. The indoor weed seeds sold by Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank are specially designed for growing in-house in a grow room.

Growing cannabis plants outdoor

Is the climate where you live cold and wet? Or do you live in a hot, Mediterranean place? At Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank we have outdoor cannabis seeds for sale that give a fantastic result in any climate.

How big will a cannabis plant grow?

One thing to keep in mind is how high your weed plant can get when it is mature. Indoor plants give growers the ability to control how much growth occurs before the flowering phase. And using artificial light allows growers to keep their plants shorter.

Once a grower flips the lighting schedule to 12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of dark, marijuana plants will begin to flower in one to two weeks. Your marijuana plants will keep growing, usually 6-14" | 15-35 cm, while getting ready to flower, but once flowering starts, growth will stop.

How much Indica and how much sativa you have in your plant will usually give you a good idea as to how much growth to expect, with the sativa variety of marijuana plant growing the most.

Flowering usually starts when the plants are 18-24" | 45-60 cm so they will stop growing around 36" | 90 cm. But the amount of time this takes will depend on what mixture your marijuana plants have, and how you have conditioned your growing location.

The best weed seeds

THC-potency of cannabis plants

Every variety of marijuana seed is potent. Just how potent your marijuana crop becomes, depends on how you grow your marijuana seeds into plants and how mature you let your marijuana plants become.

THC comes from the glands of the marijuana plant that creates resin when the plant is maturing. The purpose behind these resin glands is to shield each marijuana plant from becoming too dry under the heat of sunlight.

It stands to reason that a hot and dry environment is going to give more of the resin than a hot and moist environment, so keeping the humidity down where you grow your marijuana while it flowers is going to give you the best results.

Yield of marijuana plants

Each variety of marijuana seed is going to give an approximate yield, but it all depends on how each marijuana plant is grown and how the growing environment is conditioned. If you grow inside, then your lights are not going to penetrate as far down into the plants, so you will get a better yield if you grow a lot of small plants.

You will see that your best yield will come from the Indica variety or from a hybrid. Sativa marijuana plants often give a lower yield but a stronger stone.

Indoor yield is basically limited by how well lit each growing environment is, not by which variety of marijuana seeds you use. Conditioned growing environments will give a yield that directly relates back to how much Indica and Sativa varieties of marijuana are in the hybrid mixture.

Each grower can maximize the potential of each marijuana plant by experimentation on how to grow each variety of marijuana best.

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Flowering times for marijuana plants

The length of time it takes a marijuana plant to flower will give you an idea how long it will take the plant to mature, but indoor plants can be forced to flower so this is not always accurate.

All growers have to do is strictly regulate the light of the plants to 12 hours of light and 12 hours without light. Each marijuana plant is different, but this seems to be built into the DNA of the plant species as a whole.

You will find that Indica varieties of marijuana plants flower quite quickly compared with the sativa variety of marijuana plants. A hybrid mixture will flower based on how much of each variety is in the hybrid.

Good luck with picking the right kind of seeds and lots of fun with growing your own weed plant!