Breaking news: Canada can not handle run on legal marijuana

Recreational marijuana is now legal across Canada. If you have not lived in total isolation in recent weeks, you can’t possibly have missed it! But now there’s another issue: stores are often empty because of slow procedures and a lack of government-grown cannabis. Even if new companies with a license have everything in order it can still take almost a year before they can deliver to consumers.

Canada legalizes marijuana

There are currently six hundred applications from government companies to sell cannabis to consumers. With the growing demand for cannabis in Canada since the legalisation, pot producers quickly get through their already small stocks.

Massive marijuana orders 

The Ontario Cannabis Store, led by the government, received 100,000 orders for processed plants and pre-rolled joints in the first 24 hours after the legalization of marijuana in Canada. That is more than what all provinces together received as requests beforethe legalization. In Quebec, 140,000 orders were made in just one week.Because of the illegal trade it was not clear how big the demand would be. According to the Canadian government, there are few companies that can meet the demand. Almost all provinces receive less cannabis than they have requested.

Why not grow your own marijuana?

Whether you live in Canada, or in an entirely different part of the world... nobody wants to be totally dependent on his or her supplier, right? So why not grow your own! Growing marijuana (or cannabis, or pot, or weed, or whatever you want to call it) from seed to plant is not nearly as difficult as you may think and it is really fun to do. You take care of your own stach, fully control the quality and you’ll even have a fun new hobby. But as experts we have to warn you about that last one... the growing process itself is already very addictive!

Buy cannabis seeds online

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Have fun growing!