Looking for a sweet sensation? Try Candy Kush.

There are a lot of cannabis strains that have been given creative names, but Candy Kush is by far the sweetest of them all. Just listen to it when you say it out loud: Candy Kushhhh. Delicious, ain’t it? And you wouldn't be surprised if we told you that this marijuana strain is as sensational as the name itself.

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The name Candy Kush is derived from the appearance of the flower bud. It is a loose, soft flower that looks very like cotton candy. And because the taste is sweet and has something like berry flavor, you also feel like you are actually eating the fingerlicking, sticky delicacy.

The effects of Candy Kush

The Candy Kush strain is a mix of OG Kush and Medijuana. Crossing these classics makes a tasty Indica dominant hybrid. When you are in search of good times and ultimate relaxation, then this is the one for you.

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Candy Kush is great to smoke because of its natural calming and relaxing effect. The effect when smoking is often described as a very happy, giggly high. It’s a very nice feeling. Beware that it produces an unusually high amount of THC so it can hit you very hard. It may give you the kind of laziness you want to stay on the couch forever. For this reason Candy Kush is also popular among medicinal growers. It gives a strong high, helps to relax and sleep better, and it reliefs all kinds of pains.

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Candy Kush seeds

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