3 cannabis strains to beat the blues this winter.

snow falling

Just like here in Amsterdam, it can be quite cold in many places around the world in this time of year. As temperatures drop and days get shorter it is not uncommon for the winter blues to set in.

Say bye bye to the winter blues with these cannabis strains.

Warm hats, gloves and scarves help, but are not always sufficient. All you want to do is stay in, crawl under a warm blanket and wait until the dark days are over. These cannabis strains, however, will help brighten things up and get you feel cozy. Even on the coldest day...

Pineapple Express autoflowering-feminized

Pineapple Express cannabis

Pineapple Express will transport you straight into the tropics. This strain is a mix of our powerful White Widow x Limoncello Haze x Strawberry Ice x Ruderalis genetics.

Perfect for lounging around on a cold day or a lazy winter evening. Pineapple Express marijuana is easy to grow indoor and outdoor with high yields of large, sticky, sweet buds.

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Amnesia Trance feminized

Amnesia Trance cannabis

With earthy, peppery flavors and a fresh touch of lemon and citrus, Amnesia Trance will get you through the winter with a smile. The uplifting, energetic buzz is one you want to relive, over and over. Amnesia provides you with an energizing and uplifting feeling when you need some motivation. With so little daylight and so much cold, the winter blues is almost a given. But if someone can beat the winter blues, it is Amnesia Trance.

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Cappuccino 420 feminized

Cappuccino 420 feminized

Freezing temperatures, snow and rain are now upon us. In a lot of places winters can be pretty harsh. Let Cappuccino 420 warm you up. Just take a taste of this sweet, coffee-like joint. The flavor resembles freshly roasted coffee beans, the hashy overtone will stay with you for a long time, on your tongue as well as in your mind. Cappuccino 420 will help you make the most out of winter, whether you’re using for recreational or medicinal purposes.

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