Most growers are able to adequately provide their marijuana plants with the nutrients that it needs to thrive, if not simply survive. Although, if you’re new to growing or mess up the process, your cannabis plant may start to look a little iffy. If this happens, if could be because your marijuana plant has a boron deficiency. Here’s a little know how on boron deficiency so that you can identify it and nurse your crops back to health:

Boron is an incredibly important micronutrient in all plants. It provides structural support for cell walls, aids in keeping the plasma membrane health level, and helps maintain the well-being of other metabolic pathways. Insoluble boron has a big part to play in plant integrity, while soluble born is known to cause overdoses.


Once a plant has boron in its system, it doesn’t leave. Therefore, boron deficiency only happens as a result of the plant never getting it in the first place and so only occurs in new growth. The deficiency is usually a result of too little water and humidity. Nitrogen, potassium and other vital plant nourishments work together with boron to maintain plant wellness. If a plant is lacking in boron, it will let you know through a variety of indicators, such as large, dry greyish, brown spots. Also, soft-to-the-touch purple stems could be a sign of boron deficiency.

If you’re plant has a boron deficiency, this can lead to some serious problems with can negatively impact the quality of your harvest. Plants will lose their lushness and their fertility will be decreased because of a reduction in pollen production. A lack of born can also have fatal effects on meristems, plant tissues that possess undifferentiated cells essential for plant development.

Specific Nutrients

In order to prevent your crops from suffering a boron deficiency, it is vital that you keep them hydrated so that they don’t dry out regularly. Also, to prevent nutrient lock out, don’t give them too much fertiliser, and only use cannabis-specific nutrients if you are buying commercially. Another thing you can do to stop boron deficiency happening is to ensure the humidity of your grow, if indoors, is over 25% - purchase a humidifier or dehumidifier for this.

Boron deficiency is quite a rare thing for plants to get, but in the rare event that they do, mix one teaspoon of boric acid with four litres of tap water to your effective plants – positive results should be observable within a day. I say tap water because boron is found there, as opposed to filtered water.

Hopefully these tips have, at the very least, kept you informed about what boron deficiency is and how to stop it. If you think your plants have it, don’t fret – it really is a simple fix. Good luck!

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