By now, you’re probably well aware that cannabis can aid in relief from a whole range of ailments, from skin conditions to arthritis. However, one thing many people don’t know about marijuana is that it can provide relief from constipation, a condition that will probably affect every single person at least once in their life and is characterised by hard-to-pass bowel movements and stomach pain.

Constipation is hard to talk about, it’s a little personal and not many people want to discuss it at all. It can also be difficult to treat, because it’s usually a symptom of another illness and isn’t really classed as a condition in and of itself. Instead, constipation usually arises because of something else, like menstruation or a fibre deficiency. Suffering from constipation can really affect a person’s day to day and can make bowel movements as infrequent as twice per week.


Constipation can typically be relieved with a few lifestyle changes, such as increasing water and fibre intake. Although, healthcare professionals may prescribe medical marijuana if they think it can help. Cannabis can help to relax the bowels and so prevent the back log of waste, easing sufferer’s discomfort.

Cannabis acts like a laxative, and often only a little THC is needed to help calm the digestive system. Research suggests that the cannabis impacts the whole nervous system, easing nerve connections and soothing the brain and muscles.  Once the muscles and nerves in the bowels are relaxed, it is easier for stuff to pass through, aiding your body in clearing out all of its waste.

Weed is rising up in the medical world, with more and more therapeutic uses for the drug being discovered all the time. It won’t be long before the negative stigma surrounding the drug is gone, and it’s accepted as a serious form of medicine. If you feel like you could benefit from using cannabis and can safely – and legally! – get a hold of some, you should, because it just might help.