There really isn’t much research at all that looks into the relationship between motivation and cannabis, although there is plenty speculation from both sides of the argument about whether or not it makes people lazy.

Most people who don’t support marijuana consumption or legalization usually associate the drug with laziness and being unproductive. Hell, people who smoke weed might even think this too. However, for the most part, conclusions that deem cannabis to be the cause of demotivation and fatigue is just speculation and experience, rather than reliable scientific research.

If a person is smoking weed, it only seems logical that they will act in a way that they see others do it, and also, perhaps, the way they see it smoked in movies and other media. However, I believe that if the media were to portray pot smokers as motivated and productive as opposed to lazy, stoner stereotypes, then people would begin to act differently. Essentially, what I mean is that maybe stoners are ‘lazy’ because they think they are supposed to be, maybe all of the media that talks about stoners being lazy contributes to a placebo effect.


Furthermore, there are lots of different kinds of weed out there and hundreds of different cannabinoids that all do different thinks and exhibit different effects. Some strains can make users feel active and awake, whilst others can and do make them feel sleepy and, dare I say it, unmotivated. What I mean is that not all cannabis is the same, and so it really is a sweeping generalization to state that smoking weed makes you lazy – because, at least in some cases, this is definitely not the case. For example, sativa strains are likely to ensure users feel uplifted and active, maybe even creative, while indica varieties are said to render their smokers sleepy and relaxed.

There are studies which have been done, although not many. The few that have taken place all point towards one thing: that it is lack of motivation that turns people to cannabis, not cannabis being the cause of it. In fact, some even think that certain cannabis strains can increase motivation, if anything.

There’s still so much research that needs to be done in the area and so I really can’t say much for sure, except that it’s important to make your own mind up about the drug rather than let people tell you that you’re lazy for smoking it. Some people aren’t interested in using cannabis at all, and that’s fine, but their reasons really shouldn’t be based on speculation and opinions that aren’t scientific. As always, happy smoking!