Caramelicious: welcome to the candyshop.

Taste the smoke of Caramelicious weed and the first thing that comes to mind is 50 Cent’s Candy Shop. Caramelicious marijuana is oh-so-seductive and as sweet as candy. The beautiful Caramelicious strain gives you loads of crystals and a happy high. This plant is easy to grow and therefore perfect for beginners.

Sweet as candy

This delicious strain with big fat sticky buds and sweet caramel flavor is a favorite after dinner smoke for many cannabis lovers worldwide. What is better to end your dinner with than an excellent dessert that tastes like vanilla and coffee?


You can enjoy your Caramelicious right away because the high kicks in after the first couple of hits. A nice, happy high that softens the edges.

With its sweet smell and milky smoke, the Caramelicious strain honors its name. You will be impressed with the smoothness of this strain. But do not underestimate it as it may hit you hard. See for yourself and order your Caramelicious seeds now. We bet this delicious strain is going to be one of your new favorites.

“Caramelicious is

also perfect if you want

to grow your own medicine”

Some of the buds of the Caramelicious strain are colored with purple and red trichomes and it has great CBD and high THC levels. Therefore, Caramelicious marijuana is also perfect if you want to grow your own medicine. With a THC level up to 21%, Caramelicious weed is great for medical users who are longing to a relieving body high.

Buy Carameliscious seeds online

Order your Caramelicious seeds now at Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank. The good news is we ship worldwide. And your delivery is anonymous: all our packages are blanc and do not state any marijuana-related content.


You only have to focus on growing your seeds into a colorful and strong Caramelicious strain. With the Caramelicious seeds, you can grow your own delicious dessert, which can be enjoyed every day.

Happy growing!