To some people, the scent of cannabis is a glorious one, but to others it can be repulsive as many people associate the plant with drug addiction and totally untrue stereotypes about weed. If you’re a smoker and don’t want anybody to smell your stash, for whatever reason, here’s a little guide to keep the aroma in check and out of sight – well, smell.

Smelling like marijuana can be a bad thing, especially if you spend a lot of time with non-smokers, or even worse, people who hate cannabis and what they think it represents. Also, if you live somewhere weed isn’t legal (yet!), it may be trouble with the law that you’re worried about. Fortunately, there are quite a few things you can do to disguise the odour, starting with the container that you keep it in.

Combination of water and pepermint

If you’re a frequent user and you haven’t already, you should definitely think about investing in a good quality, air-tight container to store your bud in. Not only will this hide the stench of your weed, it will also help it to keep its original potency. You should also try to avoid smoking indoors if possible because this increases the likelihood of marijuana smell attaching itself to your clothes, or any other fabrics lying around. Instead, try smoking while going out for a walk – observing nature can be an incredibly nice addition to your high.

If you are going somewhere you know cannabis odour will not be tolerated, and you have some time, go for a shower, wash your hair and brush your teeth – and, of course, change your clothes. If you’re really in a rush though, you can try to mask the smell with other smells. Try a combination of water, lemon juice, parsley, lavender and peppermint! All you need to do is mix it all in a spray bottle and apply it to your clothing – problem solved J

Tobacco alternatives

There really are countless ways to hide the smell of cannabis, although the best way is to totally avoid it. This doesn’t mean kicking your habit, fortunately for you, but simply employing a ‘sploof’ technique. This involves creating a hand-made filter to avoid the cannabis scent in the first place. All you need to do is get your hands on an empty toilet paper roll and secure some dryer sheets on the end with a rubber band – this will filter all exhaled smoke. The ‘sploof’ method isn’t full proof, but it will help at least a little. Another tip is to explore healthy tobacco alternatives to mix in with your joint, things that give off a nicer smell.

Hopefully, these techniques have given you a little insight into how to mask or avoid the smell of cannabis. Whatever your reasons, I hope they work for you. Happy smoking!

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