New year's resolution: grow your own cannabis plant.

Join a gym, read more, live healthier and be friendlier to others are the typical resolutions people make on the first day of the year. Why not add ‘grow your own cannabis’ to the list? And learn something new? With our high quality cannabis seeds and grow guides it couldn’t be easier!

Growing your own cannabis has a number of advantages. The main advantage is that you know exactly what you smoke in the end. After all, you grow your plant yourself, so you have complete control over the end product: your harvest.

"If you buy from a dealer or coffeshop, you don't exactly know how the plant was grown."

If you buy pot from a dealer or coffeeshop, you do not know exactly how the plant was grown. Have chemicals been used? Did the plant have a certain fungus or other plant diseases? If you grow a marijuana plant from start to finish, you know for sure you get good quality and a pure end product. After all, you were there yourself during the entire growth process.

Start 2019 with growing your own marijuana.

You can not start 2019 better than with growing your own stuff. It is a fantastic new hobby that you also learn a lot from. In contrary to what people often think, it is not difficult at all. Actually, nothing can go wrong, as long as you stick to a number of easy to follow guidelines.

In addition, as a novice gardener you do not have to make such a big investment. There is, of course, a difference between growing indoors or outside. But assuming you want to start right away, and you do not live in a hot, tropical climate, you will start indoors.

So be our guest and start with choosing one of our indoor marijuana seeds. Read the descriptions that go with the different strains, to know what exactly is needed to grow them as healthy and strong as possible and what kind of effects the flowers have.

According to many people who grow cannabis themselves, nothing gives as much satisfaction as smoking your own home-grown weed. 

The new year hasn’t even fully started yet and it already feels fantastic, doesn’t it? We wish you a happy, green and flourishing new year with lots of ‘high’lights and a rich harvest!