When deciding on where to hide your stash, it's important that you consider where your weed would fare best. According to ZenPype, a website run by a team of cannabis enthusiasts, cannabis should be stored in a place where there are little light and very little moisture. It should be stored in a dark place because light actually destroys the trichomes in your bud overtime. Many individuals don’t consider it necessary to have their weed hidden away from light, but it really is true that putting it somewhere light can damage the potency. 

Cannabis in plastic boxes

Keep your weed dry

The point I’ve made about the place having to be dry may seem pretty apparent -wet weed is gross, not to mention the fact that it doesn’t really burn at all. However, experts say that you shouldn’t store it somewhere that’s too dry either. If there is a constant air flow then you could actually induce mold and you could also hurt the structure of the plant since it would be having to deal with constant changes in temperature and humidity. So, to put it simply, keep it dry but do not dry it out – this can be dangerous. 

Another point about weed storage is that you should always be sure to keep it in a solid container. 

Another point about weed storage is that you should always be sure to keep it in a solid container – even though, when you purchase it, it’ll most likely be in a plastic baggie. If weed is kept in a plastic baggie the plastic can absorb some of the trichomes and anything that drops off of the core bud will stick to it and become difficult to get out of the baggie.

In my opinion, an airtight glass jar kept away from sunlight works best, this will help to regulate the hydration of the weed for maximum potency over the long haul. Obviously, once your weeds been cured there’s not really anything you can do to make it more potent than it was, to begin with, but taking better care of it will help it keep its initial strength. It’s time to say goodbye to the teenage ways of storing bud in your pockets or in your socks and find some more adult ways of storing the good stuff.