With the cannabis industry growing quickly, more and more people are beginning to venture out and find new, more innovative techniques for growing their weed. However, the natural method may be the way to go. It isn’t commonly talked about, but using vegan growing techniques are a great way to nudge your grow in the right direction and improve its overall quality. This method isn’t just for vegans either, anyone can do it! And the planet will thank you.

Growing your plants using vegan cultivation techniques is one of the healthiest ways to do it. It doesn’t use any animal products at all and instead uses microbes and plant-based nourishments. Nutrients that are made up of animal bi-products have actually been shown to negatively affect yield and bud quality, as well as cause soil pH imbalance that can harm your plants nutrient intake. On the other hand, vegan methods don’t require any pH regulation and provide a much better ecosystem for your plants to flourish within.

Kyle Kushman

Someone at the forefront of vegan marijuana growing is Kyle Kushman, the founder of Kushman Veganics. Kushman researches vegan methods in regard to cannabis cultivation and has found that going vegan is the most beneficial way to go because, in nature, plants would never really be exposed to animal by-products whereas in traditional cannabis cultivation they are, which can compromise yield quality.

When cannabis plants are exposed to animal by-products in this way, the taste and potency can be negatively affected. On the other hand, vegan methods have demonstrated to increase potency because they allow your plants to take in maximum nutrients through valuable microbes. Vegan methods rely on soil abundant in good bacteria and fungi that partake in a procedure resulting in 100% nutrient bio-availability – a measure of the quantity of consumable nutrients in the soil near the plants roots. In comparison to synthetic nutrients, which are made up of mostly salts, and have absorption rates as low as 20%, vegan cultivation definitely seems like the way to go.

Going vegan, even if only in your garden, is sustainable, healthy, and yields fantastic results. It really is the only logical step forward for cannabis growers, seeing as they improve bud quality to a great extent. So, if you’re trying to better your grow and do better for the planet in the same instance, there isn’t anything left to say. Try it, what’s the worst that can happen?

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