Most people, when they think of pot, think of relaxation or lazy stoners – pretty much anything that doesn’t involve activity. However, some strains can actually provide you with a decent amount of energy, enabling you to keep active and keep fatigue at bay. 

One strain that’s great for raising energy levels is Durban Poison. This strain is a Sativa and has high ratings from users of feeling uplifted, happy and energetic. Another variety of sativa that’s great for keeping you awake is Harlequin. Harlequin is a high CBD sativa which gives off very little psychoactive effects, which makes it a good choice to smoke when you have stuff to do that requires a clear head. People who would benefit from smoking harlequin are perhaps people who are sensitive to THC, which make them dizzy or anxious – the strain also benefits people who deal with chronic pain. 

Another strain that can aid in wakefulness and motivation is, excuse the crude name, Green Crack. This sativa has been named as a miracle for people who need extra motivation to get up and go. It has to be said that the intensity of its high can be a bit much for those who are prone to anxiousness, for regular users this strain yields amazing stimulating effects. You may have also heard of Ghost Train Haze, a strain with an insanely high THC content which should only really be used by people who smoke on a very regular basis. For people that can handle this extremely strong sativa, try going on an outdoor adventure and you will not be disappointed. 

Hybrid strains (a mix of indica and sativa) have actually been said to have stimulating effects just as good as pure sativa strains.

Marijuana buds in glas bowls

Many people think that indica strains are only good for putting you to sleep – which may be true in some people’s case, though everyone is different. Hybrid strains (a mix of indica and sativa) have actually been said to have stimulating effects just as good as pure sativa strains. Take Jillybean for example, a tangy, fruity hybrid variety that yields uplifting effects. This strain is said to make the user very sociable and productive. 

Weed strains that boost your energy

So there you have it, five sativa-dominant strains which effects will leave you motivated, uplifted and euphoric. Strenuous activities do sometimes require a bit of an extra kick up the butt to get you going, but oftentimes just getting out of bed for some people is a monumentally difficult task. Getting the right strain could hopefully provide your body with the boost of energy it needs.