3 marijuana strains to get you excited for fall

In most countries summer is over. Many people find the sunny season much more fun, but autumn has a lot more to offer than falling leaves and rainy days. There are a lot of reasons to ‘fall’ for this time of year. Especially when you throw a bit of cannabis in the mix.

The following strains help you through the colder days and give you that wonderful fall feeling.

Girl Scout Cookies XTRM feminized

With a sweet and earthy aroma, Girl Scout Cookies XTRM marijuana launches you straight to dreamland for a full-body relaxation. Girl Scout is the perfect medicine for stress, lack of appetite and it also helps with all sorts of pain. 

marijuana plant cannabis

But the strain suits a perfect party as well. Be happy, enjoy the company of those around you and don’t forget to bake some cookies before inviting your friends over – the munchies are coming!

This strain should provide all the comfort you need for a brisk fall afternoon.


We all know that the change from hot to cold days has an effect on our mental condition, but also on our physical condition.

Medijuana is an all-natural medicine for pain relief. This medical strain has fine qualities and a powerful narcotic effect. It’s a real painkiller.


The THC level of 25% creates a powerful high and it hits you with euphoria. These characteristics make this medical marijuana very popular among medical marijuana users. Keep in mind that this is a strain for the more experienced user.

It’ll give you a physical and mental boost, just what you might need this time a year.

Cappuccino Feminized 420

The cappuccino 420 strain is a plant that even the most experienced grower will love.

The flavor resembles freshly roasted coffee beans, and the hashy overtone will stay with you for a long time, on your tongue as well as in your mind.


You will be fascinated by her beauty. This marijuana strain is designed for enthusiastic experts to the curious beginners. Just taste the sweet, coffee-like aroma and it will get you into that real autumn feeling.

More than marijuana

The above strains work well for fall, but the colder days also pave the way for other goodies. So is fall a great time to try cannabis-infused coffee, tea or hot chocolate. But more on that in an upcoming article!

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So, welcome the shorter days and cooler temperatures!