Throw a marijuana-themed Christmas party

From cannabis plants that are disguised as Christmas trees to funky (and cheesy!) cannabis X-mas decorations. Show the love of the plant and throw yourself a marijuana-themed Christmas party. Happy holidaze!

Look smoking hot in this weed suit

weed suit

Wanna make a real impression this Christmas? Go check out this joint venture between cannabis and fashion, and show 'em who is boss during the holidays. Suitable for both recreational and medicinal use. Buy it here and dress up in style as your favorite plant.

Wow your guests with a statement-making tree

Cannabis Christmas tree

If you want to add cannabis to your Christmas in a creative way, why not decorate a cannabis plant instead of the usual pine tree. Use decorations like lights and ornaments that reflect your taste to give it a warm and cozy glow. Whether you keep it natural or go over-the-top-glitzy, a cannabis Christmas tree will shine in any home.  

No Christmas without a movie


Maybe ‘Gremlins’ doesn’t officially qualify as a Christmas movie, but it is set during the holiday, so that should cover it. And for most stoners it’s a cult classic anyway. Just remember: keep ‘em out of direct light, don't give them water and most important - even if you’re having hardcore munchies - do NOT feed ‘m after midnight!

Make it cozy at home with weed ornaments

THC molecule ornament

Christmas just can’t do without decorations. But are you tired of hanging up the same things every year? Then decorate your house with weed ornaments! Weed themed decorations are a great way to make your holidaze even more fun.

Treat yourself to this snowflake or THC-molecule ornament. 

Keep the holiday cheer alive with Northern Lights XTRM

Northern Lights

Northern Lights XTRM is perferct for a Christmas holiday. It is a social strain that will leave everyone warm and fuzzy. Northern Lights XTRM has a delightful aroma and provides a very relaxing high. Just make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and curl up with a blanket somewhere close to the Christmas tree. Or enjoy it in the company of good friends. Northern Lights XTRM transforms every Christmas-gathering into your onw Winter Wonderland.