Don't make these rookie mistakes when you grow marijuana

Most first-time gardeners decide they’ll learn along the way and be fine. They just start growing and do minimal research. There is nothing wrong with that, because as we all know, you learn the most from your own mistakes. But what if you can avoid these rookie mistakes? And have better yields and smoke your own stash of homegrown marijuana much sooner?

So here they are, a bunch of commonly made mess-ups that easily can be avoided. From the germination process (or even before that), all the way up to harvest.

They are not in a specific order, but just criss cross through each other. And we’ll spread them over several blog posts, so make sure you take a look here again soon.

#1. Know when to start growing your marijuana plants

This is true for many reasons. If you grow outdoors, you want to aim for June 1st. Many people think if they start their plants outside earlier that they will be rewarded with bigger buds from their marijuana plants, but this is not true.

If you start your marijuana plants in the early parts of spring, you will end up with large plants that take quite a bit longer to flower.

The best vegetative period is when sunlight lasts longer than the darkness. Then when the times start to balance out is when the plant realizes it is time to flower.

If the plant is started earlier, it still has to wait for balancing of light and dark to start flowering.

The sunlight having gone down some is going to create thinner plants instead of the bushier and fuller plants and buds that would have come from a plant that was started earlier.

On the other hand, marijuana plants that went outside later, would grow like crazy due to the strong sunlight that comes during the heat of summer. This would leave you with heavy plants that give you a better end result than ones started early in the year.

Indoor plants have the same issues but for differing reasons.

With indoor marijuana plants, lights stay more shallow on the plants and stunt the growth, making the marijuana grower wait longer for a smaller yield.

 #2. Stay zen and try to keep your hands off

As a gardener you need patience and stay as zen as you can possibly be. It can take up to ten days to sprout marijuana seeds (but usually it takes place within two days).

stay zen when you grow marijuana

If staying relaxed isn’t your thing, we have a tip. If possible, use a growing medium instead of paper towels to germinate seeds because of the touching required with paper towels. A simple trick to keep your fingers off! 

Just take it easy and you'll be fine. 

More information about how to germinate your marijuana seeds? Check out this article.

#3. Hold your horses… don’t harvest too early.

We understand your temptation of wanting to harvest your beautiful buds and leaves as soon as you see it all coming together.

But if you wait, you will be rewarded.

The last 25% of weight gains for your crop will occur over the last two weeks before harvesting should occur.

You want your marijuana plants to be completely done growing and your pistils to have gone from all white to 50-75% brown before you harvest your crop.

Yep, it is all about timings. So know when you should or should not do something. And just keep in mind: with every plant you grow, your knowledge about growing plants grows too...

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