Do you speak Smokemoji? 

Do you want to take your text messages to a higher level? Well we’ve got just what it takes. With the following smokemojis you’ll say more than a thousand words.

There are many weed themed emojis to be found on the web. Just check out #smokemoji in social media and they will pop up. Several emoji keyboards can also be downloaded from for instance the App Store or Google Play.

A lot of these images are nicely designed and truly funny. They range from toasted bread with stoned eyes, bikinis made out of leaves, to a dizzy looking pile of poo. Ideal for potheads to communicate to one another!

Here’s a few… which one is your favorite?


Are you unable to find these weed themed emojis on the internet, or can’t download them for some reason? Not to worry. You can also use emojis that are already in your phone - they were not intended to be about marijuana but with a little imagination can be used for it. What to think about the comet emoji or the rocket? It’s included in all iPhones. Use that just to tell how skyrocket high you are. Or use the twinkiing stars to express your euphoric feeling. The nice thing about using the standard emoji’s is that it’s a bit secretive and inconspicuous - and that comes in handy when your mom accidentally finds your phone... ;-)

Grow your own marijuana

Anyhow, are you looking for something that brings you into the right mood and gives you an euphoric feeling? Just check out our extensive list of high quality cannabis seeds. Before you know it you’ll be smoking your own homegrown marijuana - and your face will look just like the smokemoji with the swirly eyes, red cheeks and big smile.  

Happy growing!