The autoflower season is about to start. Make sure you are ready.

There are roughly three types of cannabis seeds; regular seeds with female and male plants, feminized cannabis seeds that only grow female plants and autoflowering cannabis seeds.

In this article we will dive into the last category to learn more about the pro’s and con’s. The biggest difference between autoflowering cannabis plants and the rest is that autoflowering seeds will automatically flower. They don’t mind the change in length of days. The flowering period starts automatically after about three weeks.

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autoflowering cannabis plant

What you need to know about autoflowering weed seeds.

The light schedule also plays a role in this type of cannabis plant. Most autoflowers develop the best with eighteen hours of light and six hours of darkness. Some strains like even more light.

Autoflowering cannabis plants usually do not grow as big as plants from other seeds, which makes them easy to grow in pots. Be sure to start with a container right away that can be filled with at least 10 liters of soil.

Harvest of autoflower plants is usually not as much as the regular version of the same plant.

Because the time from start to finish is short, you could harvest three times per season. You can grow autoflowering weed plants until the end of August.

The growth period lasts about four weeks. After which the flowering period automatically sets in with a duration of six to eight weeks. So after a few months you can start harvesting.

autoflowering weed plant

What are Autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank has a large assortment of autoflowering seeds. These seeds are of the highest quality in terms of genetics and growing qualities.

Easy to grow and of good quality

Because autoflower seeds will automatically go into flower stage, regardless of the light schedule, it are very easy plants to work with.

Autoflower cannabis plants can be harvested several times per season. The size of the plants and the yield will usually be somewhat smaller, compared to regular seeds. But the time from seed to weed is much shorter. Autoflowering seeds are in general suitable for all climates.

Which autoflowering weed seeds do you choose?

In addition to the autoflowering properties, there are plenty of other characteristics that you can consider when making your choice.

For example: the time it takes to get from seed to harvest, the amount of weed you can expect per plant, how high the plants become on average, and the intoxicating effect or the medicinal effect based on the amount of THC and CBD in the weed.

Choose the cannabis seeds that suit you best.

If you already have some experience with cannabis, you will probably already have a favorite strain. And there is a good chance that your favorite cannabis seeds are also available as an autoflower variety. Some weed strains make you feel energetic, while others make you feel more creative or relaxed.

cannabis plant autoflowering

Popular autoflowering strains are:

White Widow autoflowering-feminized

AK 47 XTRM autoflowering-feminized

New York Turbo Diesel autoflowering-feminized

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With a few exceptions, we ship worldwide. In addition, we ship your package anonymously; there is no cannabis-related information on the outside of the package.

Have fun finding the right kind of seeds. And have even more fun growing them into beautiful plants!