If you are going to grow your own cannabis plant for the first time it can be difficult to select the right nutrients, because there are so many options to choose from. As a novice grower, you can quickly become overwhelmed.

But with a little knowledge about the needs of cannabis plants and how they absorb and use nutrients, you can confidently select the products you need to grow a healthy and strong plant.

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A cannabis plant needs certain elements that together are called macronutrients. These macronutrients are the most important elements a plant needs. Minor, or trace, elements are nutrients used by plants in very small amounts but that is still essential to plant health.

Here's an overview of the mineral and non-mineral elements you need to feed your plant.

Non-mineral elements from air and water




Macronutrients that are obtained from the soil

-Nitrogen (N)

-Phosphorus (P)

-Potassium (K)




Nitrogen (N) fuels new growth.

Phosphorous (P) promotes root development, which helps strengthen plants. It also increases blooms. This is a very important nutrient, especially as plants start out.

Potassium (K) is essential to many plant functions and their overall health. It also helps plants withstand stressful weather and defend against diseases.

Calcium (Ca) improves general plant vigor and promotes the growth of young roots and shoots.

Magnesium (Mg) helps regulate the uptake of other plant foods and aids in seed-making. It is also important to the dark green color of plants.

Sulfur (S) helps foliage maintain a dark green color while encouraging vigorous plant growth.

The three numbers on the fertilizer packaging indicate how many of the three most important elements (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) are available in the product.

For example, if on-pack it says ‘10-4-4’ it means that it contains 10% available nitrogen, 4% phosphorus and 4% potassium by weight. These are always displayed in the order N-P-K.

marijuana plant

Minor elements, or trace elements

All other mineral nutrients are grouped in the micronutrient category because they are used in much smaller quantities.

Iron (Fe) is the one you will commonly see added to fertilizer because it is often lacking in poor soils; it aids in the conversion of sunlight to energy and helps plant foliage maintain dark green color.

Manganese, boron, zinc, copper, and molybdenum are sometimes present in fertilizer. Chlorine and cobalt are also needed for plant growth and are sometimes added to fertilizer, too.

Buy a high-quality fertilizer

If you are going to grow cannabis, make sure that you use plant nutrients of high quality. It would be too bad if you give your precious plant poor quality.

When dosing, always keep to the prescribed amount. To little nutrients is bad, but there is also such a thing as over-feeding. Too much plant food is very harmful to your plant. But if you just stick to the feeding schedule provided, nothing could go wrong.

For every main phase your plant is in (seedling phase, growth phase, flowering phase) your plant needs other nutrients. Adding the right elements can make a big difference between a weak plant and a strong, healthy bush with a large harvest.

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