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Marijuana Seeds & the United States

All you need to know as an American when buying marijuana seeds online.

For those who are short on time: Yes, we do ship to the United States, to any state. We have a lot of customers from the United states who are buying marijuana seeds from us. Always delivered because of our stealth shipping & delivery guarantee. And if not? You will get back your money, including additional transaction fees.

Not legal in my state, what now?

In the Netherlands where we are based, marijuana seeds are completely legal. You actually can purchase up to 0.2 ounce of marijuana in so called "coffeeshops", regulated by law. There are no jurstrictions on sending marijuana seeds out of the Netherlands. You can read more about it on the Wikipedia page about Drug policy of the Netherlands

Now you know that our activities are completely legal, you should know wether is it legal in your state or not. As mentioned earlier, we do ship to every state in America. We ship our marijuana seeds overseas for over a decade now so you can imagine you will not be the first customer from the United States who is buying marijuana seeds at our shop. We continuously change our stealth shipping packaging which makes it very likely to arrive at destination.

Shipment & Customes in the United States

Ofcourse, in some rare cases a shipment gets ceased by the customes on arrival in the United States. What would happen? We do not want you to break any law though you should know what type of goods are slipping through customs every day. From stacks of money and hard drugs to handguns and exotic birds(alive). Since there is no indication on your package of what type of seed it is, they might even be harmless tomato seeds. When a package is ceased we reship differently packed which always worked out fine. Customers never complained and there are no stories about an American who got busted for receiving a bunch of seeds.

Payment in the United States & Marijuana Seeds

We have a lot of payment options for customers in the United States. If you want to pay anonymously we advice you to use cash, Bitcoin or Paysafe Card. Western Union comes close, though it is not air-tight.

We also offer payment methods where transactions are made through a bank like wire transfer and card transactions. It is good to know that we do not use any marijuana related words on the statement or description. Mostly we only use a transaction or order id for example.

A final word

It would be awesome to have you as a customer from the United States. We believe honestly, good communication and hard work is what seperates us from the other seedshops. And lets not forget about the delivery guarantee we offer. The only thing left for us now is hoping you choose us as your seed supplier and enjoy our seeds just like millions of other Americans do.

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